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Mini Murder Monday: Streets of NY

Thanks to Down Town DMC!

Yeti Cycles

Over on Sideburn, GI spied ex-WSB rider, supermoto pilot and honey monster Giovanni Bussei’s Yeti Ultimate. The ever tasteful Bussei obviously likes a touch of old school style for his pit ride, Ultimates were phased out in ’95. This was the DSC commander-in-chief’s Yeti rig (575), pic is fresh from a run at Downieville, north [...]

Classic Race Paint

Suzuki Bimota SB1 Yamaha OW31 Fior Honda RS500 Maxton Yamaha TZ Condor 125 Yamaha TZ750 Endurance Suzuki GT 380 Offenstadt Kawasaki All via Muzza’s world of classic Suzuki 2 strokes. (Much more there, great collection)

Murder Monday is back!!

Monday Murder: Streets of London edition

Police Rib on the Thames Range Rover in St John’s Wood Range Sport in Fitzrovia All via the DSC style patrol, to serve and protect

Monday murder round-up

BMW  5 Series; Rich2othGTI at Triple Zoom Toyota or Honda? Hill climb car via Japanese Nostalgic Car Ford F650 via Klaus at Supra 411

El Burro

I’m in love…..1970 El Burro Torque 5 also via Vintage Motorsports

Honda US90

Immaculate and beautiful ATC in parrot green paint. Vintage Motorsports via the human motorcycle image vault that is BenP (still going through the pics dude!)

Ben’s wheels

Photographer, Sideburn maker, friend of the Spray and fellow black wheel obsessive Ben Part show’s his class, after all, you are what you ride…

Murder Monday Round up

Brabus via Autoblog Yamaha M1 via Dyrdek’s Tahoe via (yes, I know ‘pure’ murder is matte black, thanks!)