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The new DSC blog is here:

New DSC show

  Are you still here? This blog is switching off in the next few day, head over to the new style. New show dropping this month, hope to see you there.  

Save the date

20th July 2011. All new work dropping in a solo show, more details soon

DSC: 21st Century men-at-arms

Ghetto knights, some more pics on the main site >here

DSC x Alex Turner

Even I can’t look at it

DSC global stuck

Appreciation for your representation


DSC: Nørd

Another cycle project (Nørd) squeezing thorough the gaps of the upcoming DSC show.  

Old work, Bite

Axe via FFFFound via Cumbubbles via Vicinage

Pedal Speed Magazine

There is a DSC 6 pager in Japanese magazine Pedal Speed, it’s a London scene special. Thanks to Kota, Soichi & Max