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A few pics of this have been floating around in a semi finished state. Vintage style paint for an old school chopper / hotrod homage on a hi tech frame. Otoro means fatty tuna, and is also a nickname for a blunt in Japan (according to a friendly Shibuyan local)    

Draw more

Found the original doodle and colour test for the Brain Box helmet

Waiting for a wheel

Sunny ride out

this monkey hopefully dropping soon

Work bench

Ace Cafe Flat Track day

I think this was the best bike there New Sideburn 7 is out

Foam Hand

Happy pancake day

DS Seen

Various representing out and about. If you want stickers, email your address. Though share the love and send in your pics.

Masa represent

Masa Delight in grey and black flag tee. Fingers crossed, shop DSC open this time next week. New tees, new goodies