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Linkert Saturday rideout

You’re Hired

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Linkert Attacks 2011

Some friends are organising the 2011 Linkert Attacks rally, dropping the 24-26 June. If you don’t have a pre ’83 Harley, can you go? Where exactly is the location? Drop them an email at for your Q’s, maps, your ticket, cheat codes etc etc  

Rare Sportsbikes For Sale

If you’re looking for a rare sportsbike for sale, subscribe to the excellent



Renshaw, Sharpeye, Morales, Eley, Lehtonen Riley & DSC cross town traffic to Nick Clements Revival show at the RCA pics via 23 Bricks & Southsiders

Mag Check

Garage Life magazine + Custom People magazine = Garage People (Garage Life for bikes) The very excellent Vintage Life magazine Joyful, the magazine dedicated to Bosozoku style  

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‘Come and have a look in the shed’

Visited a gentleman’s shed deep in what future historians will call the North. Filled with countless examples of pre-war heat. Matador Beardmore with amazing filler cap, the number is the chassis number. Cotton (’24 I think, ex-race) Cotton frame ends Deardon Manx Norton, note no oil tank. Oil is in the frame, 1 of 6 [...]


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