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Mountain Ocean Sky

What’s the time?

It’s time to get Military Watch Magazine

100% wisdom

Mochi lid

Mochi’s Pan

(Paint by Shin Takizawa)


Paint below Spice


Spice MC visit with Dirty White, Sharpeye, Guy (Greasy Culture) & Mochi (L7, Church of Choppers) 8GB sd card in camera (and on lowest quality setting) was finally defeated here. Full up. (This iPhone app is called Quadcam)

Always Delight Tamagawa

Always stop there, thanks Masa

Worth it every time

Cycling Aoyama Dori. Middle of Saturday, no traffic, brilliant surface, beautiful weather, courteous cars. (bicycles are considered sporting equipment by most airlines and therefore counted as free baggage)

Little cycle action

Very very little cycle action happening on the streets of Tokyo. A new law preventing curbside chaining has meant no ridiculous  keirins or carbon feasts every where you look. (also ¥50,000 fine for riding brakeless) Good to see the Orginal Fake crew again.