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Blue Steel

The portraits (as mentioned in a few posts back) by Joe McGorty are online now. Click to my tasteful nude images.

Top 5 dust caps

5- Dice cap. The all time classic. You’ll notice this is of the corner variety. Reminds me of reading BMX mag and Eddie Fiola. 4) Iron Cross. Nothing means business more than rolling with cherry red maltese crosses on your 883. 3) White Skulls. These have black diamond eyes, there is nothing cooler. 2) Yes [...]

Custom travels 02

It’s very rare to seen any non-custom 4x4s in Iceland. They don’t muck about with running boards and 20″ alloys, it’s all about monster lift and 38″ tyres. (adult human photographed to show scale)

New work: Nitto love hate bars

Just dropped on the main site, Nitto Love/hate track bars, one in pastel blue & black, one in black & white with fetching cyan nail varnish. Hands  wrap 360 degrees around the bar with the old chestnut tattoo on the knuckles.  Hold on tight.

Did he think we wouldn’t notice?

Monday Murder Round-up

[imagebrowser id=2] Dodge via 4xhemi @ Dodgetruckworld Trans Am via jleemavilia @ LS1tech Mercian via the Guardian

DIY Custom 03

via Rootes_arrow_1725′s flickr

Shooting film instead of paint

Had a few portraits shot on Monday with some artists for a Joe McGorty project. The roll call was; SheOne, OTwo, Steff Plaets, Will Barras and Charlie Shazer. Joe has an  interesting concept for the project, can’t wait for the next stage. Also, six blokes in one room and the chat was 97% bikes, great! [...]

Monday Murder round-up

Day late, been bizzzzy Ratrod & Trans Am via Tinlizzy27′s flickr ZX12 via ZXforums / Kechme Defender Via Mr G’s iphone

New work: Polypropylene chair

New work live on the main site, a polypropylene chair with Stevie Gee from Stem. More pics here