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Past Wheels: Mini Cooper S & RS 2000

I’ll be posting some cars and rides that were in the DSC family back in the day. Above is the last in the line of my old man’s Mini Cooper S fetish. Sitting next to it is my chubby uncles Ford RS2000 with an X Pack, full roll cage, fire extinguishes etc. We Welsh tend [...]

Honda Z50 1977

Beautiful restore and mod job. Lots more pics and more old school pit/mini bike heat at Fast 50′s

Custom food for custom people

I only eat modified food. Usually with a special 5 pronged, hot rod flamed metal flake Moon fork. Expect the ‘Bacon Burger Dog With Cheese ‘- Hot dog wrapped in cheese, wrapped in ground beef, wrapped in bacon to be served at the inaugural DSC sausage sizzle in the spring. See other yummy dishes and [...]

Paint 101: Keirin glitter style

Familiar to Tokyo track heads, this style is simple to do on any bike. No actual paint is needed,  just the glitter / metal flake, a carrier for the flake and then a laquer / clear coat. This Vivalo has a rainbow flake on a flat yellow – using a flake close to the colour [...]

Busy Ben #2

Ben’s Murdered truck, XS Bomber and Mini Velo

Busy Ben #1

Fellow maxi scooter afficionado Ben Wilson’s Mil-spec CN 250 Helix/Fusion


Raked out, ape hangers, king and queen seat and a Bell Moto lid; pure class via Sideburn mag

New Chair collab

Dropping this week

1960 Rambler Wagon X Ferrari Modena

Estate cars rule, some rule more than others. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ‘It may seem like an unholy union, the combination of a 1960 Nash Rambler Wagon and a Ferrari 360, but its definitely unique.’ via

Cykelmageren, Copenhagen

Cykelmageren rock some really sweet colour schemes & have managed to get a trick look without being flashy. Check them out on St. Kongensgade while you’re out getting your Danish objet d’art…