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Friday night burn up

with Ben and Will


If you say Sideburn three times and make a twist-the-throttle gesture with your right hand, a brand new set of SR hardware appears on your floor (only works if you have oak parquet though). Coming soon, I hope, as the paint is turning me insane, you’ll get the idea when it drops…


Tracker mania is sweeping the globe. Sideburn are the Beatles of this cult, which makes Gary and BenĀ  ‘Lennon and McCartney’. Or is it Yoko and Ringo? Get your daily fix on the blog while you wait patiently for issue 3….

One for the pen nerds

When a pen says approved by British Aerospace and Airbus you know it’s a decent pen. Used for line touch up as it’s resistive to solvents. From the excellent Cult Pens

Butchers shop

This is base coat, just finshed laquer, looking dope, half way there…


Bucket & Sprayed

Nicely Guzzi

V hard to go wrong with black white and red (or black white and any accent colour) anima guzzista via bikeexif

DIY Customs: Rad Russia

really good site here, a real labyrinth of interesting stuff, particularly if you like home made madness and awesome militairy hardware, like the worlds biggest hovercraft

New lid, old school flavour

Houdini: Full bowling ball gold metal flake, metallic cherry, white and black grad and OG matt black peak. Proper pics up soon…