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3 for sale: competition

Renault 5 Turbo 2 via John Price Rallying POA Harley Davidson VRXSE Screamin’ Eagle Drag Bike via Specialist Cars £24,995 Bimota DB1 ex Davide Tardozzi via Vintage Bike POA (bike in background is an ex-Suzuka 8hr 888)

DSC New work

waiting in the shadows, dropping shortly

Red Max Speed Shop field trip

Can’t remember what this was called, remember it was bought off some Mexican cholos, complete with quilted deep pile carpet trim upholstery. Note Ducati supertrapp style silencer Competition Harley. Bike in background with Ohlins USD is a Monster framed tracker project build on half a Testastretta WSB motor (ex PF Chilli!) One of DSC’s favourite [...]

Breaking News: BMX bikes are here

Wheelies, rollbacks, bunny hops and kick turns

DIY Customs 05: Lotus X Ferrari collab

Spotted in Abu Dhabi by DSC’s Middle East bureau, this is either a top secret collaboration between Norfolk and Marenello’s finest (and we scooped a spy shot), or it’s something even more special. Ferrari Badges: check Airbrushed eyes like a car from ‘Cars’: check Home made centre stripe: check Please take a moment to look [...]

’26 Ford Dragster hotness

Bronze is such an underused colour via Hotrods 2 die 4

Hilux v RC Hilux

R/C Cars Pulling A Hilux – More amazing video clips are a click away

DSC Racing soon…

Classic Race Paint

Suzuki Bimota SB1 Yamaha OW31 Fior Honda RS500 Maxton Yamaha TZ Condor 125 Yamaha TZ750 Endurance Suzuki GT 380 Offenstadt Kawasaki All via Muzza’s world of classic Suzuki 2 strokes. (Much more there, great collection)

4Q custom blog

‘Harley side car with flat head motor’ Treasure found at 4Q’s dope blog