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Three up-one handed-baby bjorn-sidewalk shuffle. While on the phone.


DSC hit some steel for frequent collaborator Stevie Gee’s show at Jaguar Shoes, London. Frames are from Jos & co at Tour de Ville, who also did a real tidy build. The show is on until November sometime, nice pics of the bikes coming soon.

DIY Customs 09: Damien Hirst’s caravan

Majestys at Yoyogi

The correct storage of a DSC business card

Cats & Bikes

Blue & Pink

Super tasty pink GT Performer & 3RESNSHO single speed rigid MTB yum yum

Animal Boat visit

Took in a visit to Death Spray Custom favourite, Animal Boat Yam TW 225 project, Matsuda-san in background Thanks to Detch!

Board haulers in Kamakura

Just riding

Kalavinka x Adidas