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Spangly Dura-ace

A fellow Dai

Got your copy of Sideburn 4 yet? DSC chieftan makes a couple of cameo appearances, one for elusive fellow Cymru fauna Dai Jobu. Friends of the ‘spray Johnny Morales & Ben Wilson also in effect, Marcus Ross took the pics.

Helix stretch

All aboard at the BSfree blog, where they’re also breathing on a DN-01

Are you a mod or a rocker?

Found while on a research push, on most of the questions I answered a,b & c which must make me a ‘Mid’ as the article says (but would fight for the mods) and a fogey. via Jack that cat was clean




A limited run Death Spray Custom tee has dropped on the main site here. For all your tidy ridin’. (modeled by Detch from Animal Boat)

Changing clothes

Steve of Red Max Speed Shop is the tailor Shhh, you’ll wake the Mercury

Razzle Dazzle

What kind of creation would be suitable for Brookyn based motorcycle proclaimers Hell for Leather & AGV? Well, one that would confuse their enemies, conceal their speed and disorient their position to fellow journalists and WW2 era U-boat pilots. More pics on the main site >here or set sail for where Wes explains a [...]