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More Razzle

Stylin’ in every department, from mismatched wheels to elbow casually rested. Thanks BP!

DSC New (old) work: Vengeance

These bikes have been floating around the internets (& London) a while now. Some tasty HQ pictures are now before you here, and many many more on the main site here. Stevie Gee Represented by Stem Build and bikes by Tour De Ville Photography by Richard Baybutt

Separated at birth

Helix meet CX



Nicolai build Pt1

Start with a little Hope

DSC new work: Hair Width

This has just dropped on the main site, ‘Hair Width’. This is the first in the line of some experimental pieces that are in the DSC works. (Yes, human hair) Link for more pics Photography by Richard Baybutt

re: muscle

‘could do with some rake up front…’ thank you James!

Hello muscle

Squint and it could be almost Kaneda’s bike

Corpses From Hell MG

The place where they grow the paint