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Little London,

big model, at The Building Centre

Razor sharp Intense Uzzi

For attention of GWP!

Pipe lagging

Cracking clocks

One More Sticker

in the interest of balance…

Winter beater

For beating winter obligatory roadie sticker

Studio sort out

Junk and treasure found in refit: The boss man Love / Hate bars protoyping Le thief Greatest female motorcyclist ever (with galacticycle, from Battle of the Planets) 10 years on, feels like 20

Red v black flake battle

Testing tube for bad ass show bike

New cruiser

old New Balance

More Trax

I posted >this pic a while back about a Cherokee Trax for a DSC Custom Travels section. Here is Ken Block ragging a Trax equipped Subaru WRC. Gets you in the snow mood…