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T-Pain’s understated ’91 Caddy Hearse

via Dub

Cool As Ice looks surprisingly contemporary

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The Selby in Bubba’s house

Serial home invader Todd (The) Selby snapped some James Stewart heat, cribs style

Life size Tamiya Sand Scorcher

via Poppa Large via Hobby Media (warning, if you go to their site you may lose several hours of your day)

Dead Hipster

JC keepin the skull train runnin, cheers!

Web wanted

DSC is looking for web wise individuals for some site tweakage. A bit of WordPress fiddling and a poke around in the DSC CMS. Inquiring minds hit up at: Cheers

Doing weights

Favourite tool at the minute is the Park Tools digi scale. Dolan carbon track in at 1.16 kg Standard issue steel track frame, almost twice as heavy (and if you felt that you’d say it was light, the Dolan is a feather) XC riders will know all about  Weight Weenies, almost a fetish site dedicated [...]

Dessert Spoon Custard: Boner Bake

Also on the menu:

If they don’t make the colour you want

make the colour you want

ICE + S1000RR

skip to 0.59 and check out the rear tyre…