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What colours mean across 10 cultures

Interesting how black meansĀ evil and style. Information is Beautiful via Fast Company

Arlen Ness & his chopped van

Off the scale via Pleasure Programmed flickr

Murder Monday: European black

Many thanks to 44/16 for the pics

Rear view vinyl

via the Whoa

Wyoming, 1976

“This was the year I stripped my 5-speed down to box bars, a 10 speed seat and knobbies. F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wy.” A scene repeated since time immemorial. via Bendpress Flickr


Rules. Husky motard with slicks & pro tapers? Who’d a thought. Pic by Terry Richardson via Terry Richardson’s Diary

NYPD hauler

via Culture Cycles

Ideal BMX hauler

via Maurice Meyer

BMX Bandits J-poster

Another eighties joint that looks surprisingly hip. I guess >this< remains the honorary BMX tactics based sequel

Muscle Car Japan Racing Team