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Quad Crew

Rolled with a quad crew back in the day, found some pics.

DIY Customs 12: Steering Handle Wheel Bars

The rubber was perishing on the DSC van steering wheel. Some bar tape and 5 minutes later, bosh.

I ♥ ‘I ♥ Jet noise’ stickers

at Ace Cafe: R65 done right

Murder Monday: Streets of Hackney

Satin Saab Stealth van, nearly missed it

Topical volcano post

Iceland has some epic rides to go with the scenery. ‘What? hot mud springs and geysers? Yes great, but check out the lift kits on these Nissans‘ Essential rides for glacier hopping and Volcano viewing. You weren’t spewing magma & putting on a big fancy show then, were you? Bastard volcano.

DSC labs: Babe-oflage

Something that’s been sitting on the development shelf, an all-over, 1980′s glamour girl photographic camo pattern.

New DSC Tee: Updated

New tee has dropped, now shipping SOLD OUT

DSC work: Bite

Two of the three pieces in the Bite project, Ducati 1026 and Racelite track bike. The 6lb Felling axe can be seen in the previous post. Based on the shark mouth nose art from the Flying Tigers WWII fighter squadron Many more pics on the main site by clicking here. Photography by Neil Bridge

Division Lines: First look

Big big thanks to everyone who dropped by, it was a cracking night. Will show some more detailed pics later (if anyone has some pics please send em over) Pics above from Neil Bridge, Co-Built and Steve Red Max Thanks to trusted partners: Tokyo Fixed Red Max Speed Shop Henton Fabrication

DIY Customs 11: US army battle tanks