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More DSC show

The bike above was left blank for the private view, using the wisdom of the crowd, it became a DIY Custom. The final result will be up soon. (How many penises do you think were drawn?) Thanks to WR7 for the pics


Park a motorcycle up and it’s often an excuse for an old dude to approach you and go ‘I used to have a BSA in 1832 and blah blah blah. The mature gentleman in the Little Wing tee on the right did the same when I spoke to Detch (DSC tee) at Animal Boat in [...]

DIY Customs 14: Death comes on swift wings

New arrival

The pitter patter of Yeti feet. Short travel is the bomb, feels like a 250 mx bike


Push cycles on Newington Green. A friendly neighbourhood LBS. Go say hi to Ciaran and the crew. 4 jersey logo, very tidy Push

That time of year

Dropping next month

Not the lid, much more

19 spoke Wheelage

Black, natch.

Murder Monday: Global readers edition

Thanks to Nils for the Karman in Copenhagen and David for the Prelude in Casablanca. All they need is a can of matt black on the wheels for pure murder.

Track Bite details

Some crispy pics of the DSC Track Bite are up on the Tokyo Fixed Flickr