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Adidas ADICUP London 2010

The brand with three stripes meets the brand with three coffins; DSC will be playing in the 2010 ADICUP this Sunday at Somerset House. The ADICUP is kinda like a creative world cup, with brands like Undefeated, Neighborhood & Crooked Tongues fronting teams in their respective cities. The winners from the Berlin, Tokyo, NYC and [...]

I’d like a crucifix on it please

Vintage track master tank, they don’t paint them like they used too.


Nike Tied Together Akira Bike

Nike Tied Together Project 2010 Kaneda’s bike homage from anime movie Akira Collaboration between: DSC Tokyo Fixed Feather Cycles Baby Crow illustration More pics on the DSC main site: Nike Tied Together Tokyo Fixed flickr for Hi res

Preview 1 Key

Oh snap! Dropping in June

Sell everything you own and buy the one thing you want?

Richard Jordan had everything he was told to want: cars, a new house, and a fiancee. Then his fiancee left him. So he sold everything, bought a Lamborghini Gallardo and set out across America. This is his amazing story. Via Jalponik

1 Left

Available for purchase GBP £600 33x47cm, Original (Check for availability)

Animation Bikes Book

Dug this out of the DSC archive, covering 3 decades of motorcycles in anime. Joker’s bike is still badass all these years later

Product (RAD)?

Peace Keeper

Delivering BMX frames and XS650 parts to the those who need them most