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First glance this looked like a Zephyr or something, second glance a reveals a seriously sorted H1 750

Birch Wood camo

This is the Nicolai that has been floating around the DSC blog a few times. It’s a personal ride to not too mental. Birch Wood camo, based on the survivalists friend paper birch Betula papyrifera. Grey base, simple mottle pattern and an orange flash under the chain stays (representative of peeling underbark). A few more [...]


Last badges have just gone to JF in Minneapolis and MH in Victoria, Oz.

Moving pictures

The team behind the whiiiiiiiiiiiiite hot Travis Rice film That’s It That’s All have  a nice Ford F250 camera rig, featured in this interesting behind the scene clip. Epic scenery made easy. (embedded video) That’s It Thats All The Creators Project

Trophy 1

Four DSC Number One Trophys More pics here

DIY Split

Motorcycle customised by visitors to DSC Division Lines opening night More pics here


Left turn lovers Sideburn received a DSC drop on the weekend for their Honda FT street tracker project. Expect a hullabaloo when it’s completed. Sideburn maverick Ben Part took this pic for his forthcoming Men & Their Vans book. via Sideblog

Portsmouth Speaks

This frame was painted by numerous 13 year olds, and the odd adult, at the Love Your Bike festival in Portsmouth. Not bad considering they had about 60 seconds worth of tuition and then straight on to it. Loving the eighties colours & fades.

New blood

New Death Spray Cadets, recruited at Southsea Skate park


By request.