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Exhibition: The Hungry Skulls Breakfast Club

Come by 21 Kingly Street on Thursday 7th from 7pm and check out a photographic exhibition by Joe McGorty for DSC. It has motorcycles in it, but it’s all about the journey. And the sausages. See you there.

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Check out Doin’ It Baja on VBS.TV when you get the time. It’s a doc following a crew of skaters, some of them pro, on a road trip to the tip of Baja. In 8 parts and about 1.5 hours long, watching it sums up nicely the feel of a long road trip: it takes [...]

DIY Customs 17: Shark Crab Emma

Great Frog pop up

The Great Frog is a having a gathering at their pop up shop this Thursday, possibly with some very interesting guests. See you there.


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Danny Trejo and Mr Cartoon talk lowriders

‘nothing has the flow of hydraulics‘ Direct link

DSC Trump

She be a comin’

Team Cinelli EK Pro Cycling?

Le Tour would be great with this team: EK shirts & team kit, DSC’d BMW M5 estates & Cinelli frames, Duvel in the limited edition Incase bidons etc etc. Hopefully these cycle shirts will be in production soon. Flash On Week coverage

Friday Linkage

Don’t deny it, Brad Pitt is a cool dude. A Shinya Kimura bevel? Approved cycle hauler Buy a house owned by the king Man Meal deal Happy meal Pee Wee bites Jim Phillips Vintage Porsche posters What to pack when crossing the Atacama Kevin Cyr’s fantastic custom die cast vans 102 year old lens on [...]