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Something orange in my xmas stocking

Normally it’s a satsuma, this year it’s something a bit more zesty, yum yum

Kim Jong-Il..

..looking at things is one of the blogs of 2010. Kim Jong-Il looking at things

Sata Claus came to town

All I want for Christmas is a SATA 444 Double Stage Fine Filter with Pressure Regulator & Outlet Module. Unboxing pics to follow

Winter Solstice

Around about now (21st/22nd), the northern hemisphere is at its furthest position away from the sun. Which means days start getting longer and summer is officially on it’s way. This is really the true new years day, have a fucking business 2011.

London today

As hot as Hoth via Julia Segal

Thank you Jimmy Monku Monk


Sticker ♥ 07

Lebowski Legacy

To celebrate the launch of a Daft Punk album, Tron sneakers, Ice hotels and 100 other Tron related tie-ins and merchandise, Disney have released a movie. Lets hope one day for this to complete the trilogy. Flynn Abides via Ffffound

Get the look

Gel coated Knight tank available at Redmax Speed Shop

Indoor Cycle Speedway

Love those bars DIY Russian Bungee jump, sweet jesus Both via Guardian sportblog