Chopper Crizy

Chopper Crizy is a blog from Sp HANG ON A MINUTE, WTF IS THAT LOGO???!

Thanks to the Detective BP for the spot


  1. Mat says:

    ‘All material that show it in this blog is a fuckin’ inspiration for a lucky bastard that inspirated in his life’

    Does that make you the inspirateder?

  2. Ben says:

    Sorry-I’m not Ben Part.

  3. Ben says:

    No, I mean I flagged this site up to you, so in a way you did say I was BP.

    • admin says:

      Oh right, i got an email from BP in the week with the link to the site, I haven’t received anything else that flagged it up. Sorry Ben, did you send an email?? When was it sent?

  4. Gary Sideburn says:

    You is the King Inspirateder, ain’t no one denying it. If I ever have an original idea in my life I hope no sod rips it off. You’ll let me know though, right? G

  5. Sorry David for I used the logo, my public apologies. I want in google skate and bikes after look the logo and I never think that it’s your logo.

    Alright now, Ben if you don’t like it my inspiration it’s my personal reflection. Sorry if you’re not lucky.

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