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False canopy markings

Dirty Pink

Some recon WW2 Spitfires were painted a rad Dirty Pink, which aided high altitude camouflage pic via

DIY Custom 22: A10 van


Aviation illustration by Mark Styling

  Hundreds more at: (all images © Mark Styling)

XB-70 Valkyrie

Beautiful. Planned to be the first aircraft with a nuclear reactor. Read the story at Danger Room Pics via murdoc online

Nose art

This first one is from 1916. 19 fucking 16!! via x planes

Limited Edition F-117 Nighthawk

For some sneaky stealth action.

Ridin’ dirty: Loch Lomond

Went to see a man about a dog in Scotland, should have taken the plane

Sukhoi has a good paint dept.

So crispy via Wired pic David Jacobson/

Custom F35 Joint Strike Fighter

F35 with a  tidy USAF Thunderbirds treatment via Strategy Page