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Animal Boat visit

Took in a visit to Death Spray Custom favourite, Animal Boat Yam TW 225 project, Matsuda-san in background Thanks to Detch!

DIY customs 06: ‘Best of the Best Supersprint Space Car’

Not enough aerials, spots, airhorns, decals or cart wheels. More pics at English Russia

4Q custom blog

‘Harley side car with flat head motor’ Treasure found at 4Q’s dope blog

DXB 04: Around town

Murdered FJ+BF Goodrich (for you DMC?) Out with old, in with new (silver spur v phantom) Cheeky wranglers Fast n furious satin cyan ‘vette & electric blue supra KTM x Ford collab

Busy Ben #2

Ben’s Murdered truck, XS Bomber and Mini Velo

Murdered out RR sport

Another murderd out 4×4 in LDN