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Worth it every time

Cycling Aoyama Dori. Middle of Saturday, no traffic, brilliant surface, beautiful weather, courteous cars. (bicycles are considered sporting equipment by most airlines and therefore counted as free baggage)


This is the ridiculous seventies-style-candy-violet-and-turquoise-over-chrome-flake-with-scales design on a ultra modern carbon and ali frame. It’s a bit of an homage to the hotrod & custom show I’m attending.


Joyride opened last night on Wilkes St, attended by a who’s who of London’s cycle glitterati. Or cycleerati. Ben Wilson‘s Pocket Rocket micro velo and Benedict Radcliffe‘s Yama Moto looked stylin. So did the DSC Eley Kishimoto Flash Cinelli which is also in attendance. And Joe McGorty’s Tweed Run polaroids. Lots there, go see

Team Cinelli EK Pro Cycling?

Le Tour would be great with this team: EK shirts & team kit, DSC’d BMW M5 estates & Cinelli frames, Duvel in the limited edition Incase bidons etc etc. Hopefully these cycle shirts will be in production soon. Flash On Week coverage

Mini Disc

lovin the two piece rims


Push cycles on Newington Green. A friendly neighbourhood LBS. Go say hi to Ciaran and the crew. 4 jersey logo, very tidy Push

DSC, Live

DSC has been invited to participate in the Love Your Bike festival in Portsmouth, May 30th. There will be some live painting and demo action to be had by yours truly, hope to see you there. There is a veritable who’s who of cycle  design and culture bods present, and it’s in Southsea skate park [...]

If they don’t make the colour you want

make the colour you want


Romance of Rust

Finally got to see Lance at Romance of Rust about a job, turns out his workshop (and his brain) is something of a treasure trove, many more pics after the jump.