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DIY Customs 19: White van man black creatures

DIY Customs 18: Camobabe

Streets of Brooklyn spied, mil-spec’d undercover honey truck Thanks to Kyle for the surveillance pic.

DIY Customs 17: Shark Crab Emma

DIY CUSTOMS 15: Urban camo camper

DIY Customs 14: Death comes on swift wings

DIY Customs 13: Cherry blossom polka

DIY Customs 12: Steering Handle Wheel Bars

The rubber was perishing on the DSC van steering wheel. Some bar tape and 5 minutes later, bosh.

DIY Customs 11: US army battle tanks

DIY Customs 07: Flatbedsit

DIY Customs 04: Yamaharley X(R)S

Was working on a potentially rad street tracker with Will from Urban Rider in London, this was the original paint scheme. Like most home brew custom jobs, it’s hard to dislike the charm these pieces have