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DSC – villám interjú

FGH: Szívesen hallanánk pár szót még, különösen, ha a fixizés is szóba kerül! David: A DSC az egyéniségről szól, arról, hogy egyedivé tegyük a dolgokat. A fixi ennek az esszenciája. Fixit építeni egyszerű. Egyszerű alakítgatni, egyszerű testreszabni. És ha körbenézel a világban, láthatod, hogy minden városnak kialakult egy sajátos stílusa. Számomra az egyik legizgalmasabb dolog [...]

DSC: Nørd

Another cycle project (Nørd) squeezing thorough the gaps of the upcoming DSC show.  

Pedal Speed Magazine

There is a DSC 6 pager in Japanese magazine Pedal Speed, it’s a London scene special. Thanks to Kota, Soichi & Max  


A few pics of this have been floating around in a semi finished state. Vintage style paint for an old school chopper / hotrod homage on a hi tech frame. Otoro means fatty tuna, and is also a nickname for a blunt in Japan (according to a friendly Shibuyan local)    

Waiting for a wheel

Worth it every time

Cycling Aoyama Dori. Middle of Saturday, no traffic, brilliant surface, beautiful weather, courteous cars. (bicycles are considered sporting equipment by most airlines and therefore counted as free baggage)

Little cycle action

Very very little cycle action happening on the streets of Tokyo. A new law preventing curbside chaining has meant no ridiculous  keirins or carbon feasts every where you look. (also ¥50,000 fine for riding brakeless) Good to see the Orginal Fake crew again.


This is the ridiculous seventies-style-candy-violet-and-turquoise-over-chrome-flake-with-scales design on a ultra modern carbon and ali frame. It’s a bit of an homage to the hotrod & custom show I’m attending.

Start right, build up

If this is a scene in your hotel room 5 minutes after check in, you know you’ll enjoy your stay.


Hitchcog from Freaxed on Vimeo. Freaxed & Church of Cog from Berlin sent in this curious teaser vid. NxNW meets FIxED?