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DSC Hot Cross Buns

Previouly Boner Bake Dessert Spoon Custard Dinner Steak Chips

Always Delight Tamagawa

Always stop there, thanks Masa

Dine Steak Chips


Masa’s bar ‘Delight‘ is the sort everyone wishes was around their corner. Good people, good food, good design. A few stops from Shibuya, go and say hi. Masa representing, of course.

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch again, with Johnny Dirty White Walls, Troy from Chico Moto in awesome HWZN Bros jacket and Jimmy Monkey Monk. Must remember to take pics of food before it’s eaten

Custom food for custom people

I only eat modified food. Usually with a special 5 pronged, hot rod flamed metal flake Moon fork. Expect the ‘Bacon Burger Dog With Cheese ‘- Hot dog wrapped in cheese, wrapped in ground beef, wrapped in bacon to be served at the inaugural DSC sausage sizzle in the spring. See other yummy dishes and [...]