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Brands Hatch HF 2


Beautiful MKII Mexico render by Dmmultimedia via the fieldworker

Murder Monday Easter special

hot of the press from DSC New York bureau chief Mr DMC Previous Murder Mondays

Past rides: Escort Van

It’s not just 4Q that can roll out vintage pics from yesteryear. This was an uncles Mk 2 Escort van, cherry red, bubble arches, wolfrace wheels with a pinto or 1600 DOHC engine, can’t remember exactly. Rad.

’26 Ford Dragster hotness

Bronze is such an underused colour via Hotrods 2 die 4

DXB 04: Around town

Murdered FJ+BF Goodrich (for you DMC?) Out with old, in with new (silver spur v phantom) Cheeky wranglers Fast n furious satin cyan ‘vette & electric blue supra KTM x Ford collab

Monday murder round-up

BMW  5 Series; Rich2othGTI at Triple Zoom Toyota or Honda? Hill climb car via Japanese Nostalgic Car Ford F650 via Klaus at Supra 411

Custom travels 02

It’s very rare to seen any non-custom 4x4s in Iceland. They don’t muck about with running boards and 20″ alloys, it’s all about monster lift and 38″ tyres. (adult human photographed to show scale)

Past Wheels: Mini Cooper S & RS 2000

I’ll be posting some cars and rides that were in the DSC family back in the day. Above is the last in the line of my old man’s Mini Cooper S fetish. Sitting next to it is my chubby uncles Ford RS2000 with an X Pack, full roll cage, fire extinguishes etc. We Welsh tend [...]