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Mag Check

Garage Life magazine + Custom People magazine = Garage People (Garage Life for bikes) The very excellent Vintage Life magazine Joyful, the magazine dedicated to Bosozoku style  


Japan is like the rest of the world, only set 100 years in the future. Which means getting parcels of trick parts from Tokyo is like receiving a special delivery from Doc Brown. This one had lots of broadsheet pages, filled with real estate and this shogun movie poster, sadly no sports almanac.


First glance this looked like a Zephyr or something, second glance a reveals a seriously sorted H1 750


Park a motorcycle up and it’s often an excuse for an old dude to approach you and go ‘I used to have a BSA in 1832 and blah blah blah. The mature gentleman in the Little Wing tee on the right did the same when I spoke to Detch (DSC tee) at Animal Boat in [...]

BMX Bandits J-poster

Another eighties joint that looks surprisingly hip. I guess >this< remains the honorary BMX tactics based sequel

HCS 09

DSC will be attending the Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom show on Sunday, hope to see you there

Various J Wheels

Riding Style: Tokyo

Cross section of vistitors at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in Odaiba.