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The Office

Just a normal office building. Except for the memorabilia around every corner. Coma’s Dakar bike, fresh from Buenos Aires

Oscar photographed by Adam Wright

After the Le Mans GP  I had a sneak preview of the Oscar heritage line (they’ve been going since ’63) by Alpinestars at their HQ in Italy. Adam Wright snapped the line with the great and good. Jeff Decker, Roger De Coster and Kiyo from Garage Company pictured above, hit the Oscar blog for much [...]

Le Mans

DSC is delighted to be a guest of Alpinestars for the Le Mans round of MotoGP 2011

Cock ‘n’ Roll Motherfuckers

Hand crafted Rocker jacket for DSC courtesy of illustrator /artisan sign painter extraordinaire Nico of Ornamental Conifer, London. More O.C. below, via his blog go see see see  

‘Come and have a look in the shed’

Visited a gentleman’s shed deep in what future historians will call the North. Filled with countless examples of pre-war heat. Matador Beardmore with amazing filler cap, the number is the chassis number. Cotton (’24 I think, ex-race) Cotton frame ends Deardon Manx Norton, note no oil tank. Oil is in the frame, 1 of 6 [...]

N is for

M is for


L is for


Check out Doin’ It Baja on VBS.TV when you get the time. It’s a doc following a crew of skaters, some of them pro, on a road trip to the tip of Baja. In 8 parts and about 1.5 hours long, watching it sums up nicely the feel of a long road trip: it takes [...]

947 Preparation