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Life Cycle

Still haven’t seen the full film. You still only need to see a few seconds before wanting to ride


Good to see them back in cycling, the kevlar grips are amazing.

Happy Xmas DSC

A present to myself if they come back in stock

German shakedown

Birch Wood camo

This is the Nicolai that has been floating around the DSC blog a few times. It’s a personal ride to not too mental. Birch Wood camo, based on the survivalists friend paper birch Betula papyrifera. Grey base, simple mottle pattern and an orange flash under the chain stays (representative of peeling underbark). A few more [...]

New arrival

The pitter patter of Yeti feet. Short travel is the bomb, feels like a 250 mx bike

DSC labs: Babe-oflage

Something that’s been sitting on the development shelf, an all-over, 1980′s glamour girl photographic camo pattern.

Nicolai build PT 03

Fox force 5.

Nicolai build Pt 2

Pea green primer looks good So does white

Nicolai build Pt1

Start with a little Hope