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British Summer Time

begins with a round of the British MX champs at Canada Heights

Wash day

Separate colours to avoid running

Happy Xmas DSC

A present to myself if they come back in stock

Fuck. Yeah.

Last weeks wheels added up

Managed to get away for a few days. Your batteries recharge better when you wear them out completely. 330 Airbus + 350hp Sea Ray + 911 Turbo + 450 EXCF + 800 Polaris RZR = 2,841


Every year the past gets cooler. Carlsbad 1977 via Rage Racing

The Selby in Bubba’s house

Serial home invader Todd (The) Selby snapped some James Stewart heat, cribs style

Bubba’s 6.0 boots

Nike pushing into MX with 6.0 boots for James Stewart, via MX action

What are these horrified people looking at?

Why it’s DSC rider Steven Henton taking one for the team. It looks like he was attempting a rather sick whip off a fallen rider, style over results is always appreciated. As is angling your helmet to the nearest camera.

Past Wheels 02: Desert bikes

No. 30 Honda XLR 250 Baja: wheezy but fun for ¬£400, 5/10 No.20 Honda XR600: comfy but a handful with full tank, 7/10 No.107 Honda XR400: up there with the C90 as greatest ever Honda 10/10 No. 6 Yamaha YZF 426: Most fun I’ve had on a bike, even with big tank, high speed gearing [...]