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DSC: Candy Bars

A sweet little treat. More pics on the main site here Model: Remy Green at Select Pics by GirlX (Nerds: Nitto B123A, Ice pearl & red flake))

DSC: Bucky Bars

These DSC Nitto B123 bars are available to purchase through Keirin Culture‘s Velo Sanaa auction. There will be an Ebay link when available. They are a homage to Architect, visionary and icosahedron botherer, Buckminster Fuller. The DSC psychic has spoken with him and he said he’d rock them on his vintage Yamaguchi. ‘The Gold and [...]

New work: Nitto love hate bars

Just dropped on the main site, Nitto Love/hate track bars, one in pastel blue & black, one in black & white with fetching cyan nail varnish. Hands  wrap 360 degrees around the bar with the old chestnut tattoo on the knuckles.  Hold on tight.