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The world looks a better place

reflected off a visor. Mid cross country blast along the A40 to Linkert Attacks. No one in front, no one behind. Click for glorious HD

Information graphics

‘Come and have a look in the shed’

Visited a gentleman’s shed deep in what future historians will call the North. Filled with countless examples of pre-war heat. Matador Beardmore with amazing filler cap, the number is the chassis number. Cotton (’24 I think, ex-race) Cotton frame ends Deardon Manx Norton, note no oil tank. Oil is in the frame, 1 of 6 [...]

Home grown

Sent in by Mr Darren Groucutt, these pics show some quality custom running in the family. Featherbed framed 850 with loads of one off touches . Also check out the clipons on the BSA, quality. Thanks for the picks and if anyone else has some ‘My old mans rides’ please mail them over