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The place where they grow the paint

Even primer can be pretty

Paint 101: Keirin glitter style

Familiar to Tokyo track heads, this style is simple to do on any bike. No actual paint is needed,  just the glitter / metal flake, a carrier for the flake and then a laquer / clear coat. This Vivalo has a rainbow flake on a flat yellow – using a flake close to the colour [...]

Busy Ben #1

Fellow maxi scooter afficionado Ben Wilson’s Mil-spec CN 250 Helix/Fusion

Cykelmageren, Copenhagen

Cykelmageren rock some really sweet colour schemes & have managed to get a trick look without being flashy. Check them out on St. Kongensgade while you’re out getting your Danish objet d’art…

Rainbow metal flake

Close up of flake dusted on Locarnini, Tokyo style

Locarnini track bike

Pearl Teal, black teal, yellow, silver and rainbow metal flake dusting