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DIY Split

Motorcycle customised by visitors to DSC Division Lines opening night More pics here

More DSC show

The bike above was left blank for the private view, using the wisdom of the crowd, it became a DIY Custom. The final result will be up soon. (How many penises do you think were drawn?) Thanks to WR7 for the pics


Come on down to the private view of the DSC show Thursday April 8th. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond DSC’s control, it finishes on the Friday. UPDATE: Show is on until the end of April, new poster will drop soon. Look forward to seeing you there.

Hello Bristol

There is a new super sharp DSC track bike that’s just dropped, and if you’re in Bristol between 26th March – 9th April you can check it out before it goes online. DSC has been invited along with a hit squad of other artists to show at A Beautiful Machine, which is: Beginning Friday March [...]