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Friday, Saturday, Ftday

Sunday is FT day at the Ace

New Boner

Boner Brigade 2010. This season is all about neon blue and gun metal grey. Premiered last night at the Hungry skulls exhibition.

Colour Blinder

The well curated Manc casual honeypot Oi Polloi currently has the SB FT in it’s window

New Boner: 01

A fellow Dai

Got your copy of Sideburn 4 yet? DSC chieftan makes a couple of cameo appearances, one for elusive fellow Cymru fauna Dai Jobu. Friends of the ‘spray Johnny Morales & Ben Wilson also in effect, Marcus Ross took the pics.

Changing clothes

Steve of Red Max Speed Shop is the tailor Shhh, you’ll wake the Mercury

Eley Kishimoto shop launch

This was supposed to be a pic of what I believe is a Chico Custom chopper, however Yorgo can always spot a photo op

DSC new work: Boner Brigade

New work just dropped on the main site here Photography by Shamil Tanna /