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Worth it every time

Cycling Aoyama Dori. Middle of Saturday, no traffic, brilliant surface, beautiful weather, courteous cars. (bicycles are considered sporting equipment by most airlines and therefore counted as free baggage)

Little cycle action

Very very little cycle action happening on the streets of Tokyo. A new law preventing curbside chaining has meant no ridiculous  keirins or carbon feasts every where you look. (also ¥50,000 fine for riding brakeless) Good to see the Orginal Fake crew again.

Start right, build up

If this is a scene in your hotel room 5 minutes after check in, you know you’ll enjoy your stay.

It’s on like Yaki Udon

DSC will be in Tokyo first week of Dec. See you at the  2010 Moon Eyes HCS show.


Park a motorcycle up and it’s often an excuse for an old dude to approach you and go ‘I used to have a BSA in 1832 and blah blah blah. The mature gentleman in the Little Wing tee on the right did the same when I spoke to Detch (DSC tee) at Animal Boat in [...]

Tokyo Auto Salon 03

old event but timeless cars via Tanetane’s favourite cars


Representing Illustrations by Hide Ishibashi (Motopsycho), below L-R: Troy Chico Moto, owner Ueda-san, Shin and Shin Suzuki This map will be your jetlags friend the next time you land at NRT

Harajuku shopper bike


A ride: the DSC Racelite has been busted out for this trip, it has some kooky lines but is such a nice ride A break: Starbucks Matcha Latte A camera: to take pics of rad shit like this

Majestys at Yoyogi

The correct storage of a DSC business card