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DIY Customs 17: Shark Crab Emma

DIY Customs 14: Death comes on swift wings

Arlen Ness & his chopped van

Off the scale via Pleasure Programmed flickr

Past rides: Escort Van

It’s not just 4Q that can roll out vintage pics from yesteryear. This was an uncles Mk 2 Escort van, cherry red, bubble arches, wolfrace wheels with a pinto or 1600 DOHC engine, can’t remember exactly. Rad.

Xmas essentials

A very British custom

When you have a vehicle with custom paint, sign writing, decals, specialty fit outs, attention grabbing sound systems and names like Mr Whipped you may think of cali customs, hot hatches or Sandman vans. Ice cream vans have the lot. Who wants a Strawberry Mivvi?